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A wonderful mix of aptitude and attitude can conquer milestones. Challenges can be overcome, goals can be achieved and dreams can be fulfilled. We at Amity Global Business School, Mumbai work tirelessly towards blending these together so that the potential of every single student aspiring to learn and grow is brought to the fore. With a plethora of knowledge and skills provided to them at Amity, these young budding students are ready to face the challenges of the Corporate world and emerge winners in their respective fields. Amity’s vision for a holistic development not only makes them dynamic leaders but also guides them to be better human beings. In the ever-changing, ever-evolving global economy, we’re sure our students will create their niche.

Prof. Pankaj Shukla
Director & Campus Head

Prof. Pankaj Shukla


Prof. Nisha Ram

Communication / Training / Presentation

Prof. Subhendu Bhattacharya

Research and analysis, Mentoring and Guiding, Assessment and Decision Making

Prof. Kitty Rana

Training, Mentoring, Event management & Accounting.

Prof. Megha Hemdev

Finance & Accounting

Dr. Sona Raghuvanshi

Research, Counseling, Training & Qualified Psychologist

Dr. Ajay Tekchandani

Marketing & Operations Management

Mrs. Pallavi Deep Kaurra

Educational Psychologist

Prof. Aparna Kanchan

Media & IT Education

Prof. Devendra Asar

TQM Trainer / Facilitator / Consultant

Prof. Anup Munshi

Public Speaking, Counseling, Consultancy

Prof. Shoba Manoj

Database Platforms, Business Intelligence, Analytics

Prof. Shilpa Vohra

Corporate Trainer, Motivational Speaker, Communication Expert

Prof. Naveen Rohatgi

Cost Accounting

Dr. Darshana Palwankar

Business Law

Pankaj Jain

Digital Marketing

Prof. Rachna Agarwal

HR and General Management

Dr. Shahrukh Tara

Finance & Taxation