Beyond Academics

Beyond Academics

Holistic nurturing to impart a zeal to pursue lifelong excellence

Personality Development

Learning at Amity transcends the limits of a classroom. Here students are encouraged to explore beyond the books in order to imbibe the essential skills of Leadership, Negotiation, Communication and Business Etiquette to emerge as well-rounded personalities.

Extra Curricular Excellence

Amity offers unique opportunities to its students to engage in a plethora of extra-curricular activities. These engagements help develop real-life decision-making ability in the students. The diverse group activities also inculcate teamwork and leadership abilities.

Foreign Language

AGBS is committed to inculcate in its students the edge to excel at the global stage. Language versatility is one of the core competencies to realize that promise. AGBS therefore conducts compulsory Foreign Language programs to help its students secure exceptional success in today's globalised world.

Mentor-Mentee Program

At Amity we believe in nurturing industry-ready professionals. Under the unique Amity mentoring program students learn from experienced industry stalwarts and respected domain leaders. This initiative helps Amitians to bridge the gap between industry and academics.